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At Tikitum we learn with all five senses. We don’t just teach, we experience. Not all children learn best through traditional methods, which is why our labs are designed to increase retention through a fusion of methods.


At the heart of learning and having fun is interacting with the others. We encourage children to play the role of both teacher and student among their peers.


Associating fun with learning is a lesson Tikitum kids will hold with them forever. We want our kids to beg to come back. This is done through a series of hands-on learning activities using art as the foundation.





classes png  Classes. Mix science, architecture, art, and education, spice with fun and excitement, mold into a new way children learn. Science, art, and nature together with sensory integration: Sensory Play REVOLUTION – we help children from all around the globe to think out of the box and be the one who’ll make this world a better place.

Open Play Open Play. Open Play is an exploratory play session of fun and learning using all of our senses with varying materials.

PNO   Parents Night Out. Get a break and let kids learn, experiment and have fun. Three hours of science, art and learning once a month.

Birthdays Birthdays. Unforgettable experience. One and only like never before. TWO hours of science and art hands-on experience. Book your Birthday HERE



 Birthdays Birthday Experience


We have created an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Give the gift to your child and their friends by exclusively booking Tikitum for their party.

IMG_1243“Parker had a wonderful time at parents night out. He has been telling us all about it for the past hour. He can’t wait to go back! This was so much better than paying a babysitter to watch tv with him for 4 hours! Will definitely be back!”